Low Fat Vegan Banana Nut Muffins / Cupcakes

banana nut muffins cup cake

                Lowfat Vegan Banana Nut Muffins  ~~~~~~

Welcome Spring!  Today [URL=http://collection-movies.com/?t=movies-download]movies-download[/URL] is the first day of spring and as the saying goes ~ Spring has finally sprung!  I am sooo ready for spring & all the beauty that it brings.  I just love seeing all the bulbs that are popping up in everybody yards/everywhere, just like little bouquets of buried treasures.  I forget from year to year where I have planted bulbs & it’s so nice to take my morning walk around the house to see what new, colorful blooms have joined the other flowers in the garden.  

We have been having record breaking warm weather here in the Midwest this past week & it has been perfect for having my morning cup of tea outside...

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Cardamom Spiced Mango Greek Yogurt

I love mangoes.  I love cardamom.  I love Greek yogurt.  Throw them all together in a food processor, until they’re smooth and creamy…and I’ve got a dreamy, Indian inspired/flavored breakfast treat.  A perfect way to start my day…or for a mid-day snack…or for a dessert.  Yeah, I like it that much!

I’ll use fresh mangoes, or frozen/thawed ones from Trader Joe’s ~ both taste great.  A little extra cardamom sprinkled on top, just ’cause I like it like that.  A lil’ dollop of whipped cream makes it dessert-worthy…or splurge-worthy at breakfast.  Yeah, I like it like that, too.  🙂

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Vegetarian Mock Smoky Chicken Salad Wrap ~ Meatless Monday

I’m having fun coming up with new ways to spin one of my favorite beans, the ever popular and versatile ~ chickpea. (aka ~ garbanzo beans)  I usually turn them into a tasty Mock Tuna Salad (see my recipe ~ here), but, I was getting bored with that sandwich flavor, so…

This time I decided to spin them into a Vegetarian Mock Smoky Chicken Salad.  Using toasted walnuts and a little liquid smoke really gives this vegetarian salad a ‘meaty’ flavor boost.  To me, the toasted walnuts, when paired with a hint of liquid smoke, really gives a bit of bacon-y flavor.  Oh, yeah!  The cranberries add a nice sweet/tart accent and the other veggies provide a nice, cool finish.  Layer it all in a low carb tortilla, wrap it up and you’ve got a super lunch for your Meatless Monday.  Enjoy!


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L-Men: Keeping Physical Fit and Slim

How shall you improve your physical appearance? healthy diet plan could be the ideal representation of proper weight. You need something reliable to help you maintaining the goal. It shall be good idea to get specific info regarding healthy diet program which promotes reliable weight achievement. Indeed, every individual has definite goal attainment. Surely, having ideal physical body is adored by anyone. As you wish to get idolized by many women, you have to begin your diet program today. And, you can start with getting the perfect supplement.

The desire of every man in improving the physical performance is becoming greater today. Obesity is the key to certain illnesses which cannot be anticipated previously...

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Diabetes Symptoms: Early Detection of the Disease

What are you going to do with your life as you are diagnosed with certain disease? Diabetes symptoms can be felt differently by specific individuals. Yet, there are certain signs which show the occurrence of diabetes. For the most part, individuals with diabetes will frequently feel thirst and hunger. In the same line, diabetic patients shall feel sleepy by the morning. It is because glucose level shall reach the peak in the morning. Hence, it is highly recommended for individuals to have sufficient physical exercise in the morning to burn calories.

Basically, diabetes is known as a condition of higher glucose level in the blood. The inability of pancreas to produce sufficient insulin may trigger the increase of bloodstream glucose...

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Make Sure That You Lose Weight and Gain Lean Muscle in an Effective Way

When your body is not perfect shape, you appearance changes completely and for you, it becomes difficult to create an impression, with others. Of course, reducing your overweight is not impossible and you need to find the best anabolic steroid. If you live in Canada, buying Anavar is easy and it is legal. If you come to learn about the laws about Anavar in Canada, you will be pleased to use the steroid, which is perfect for your accurate bodybuilding. Even very popular weight loss workouts may not give the most desired results, especially, for the sportspersons. In recent times, Canadian athletes have been regularly using anavar, because of its gentle approach and vigorous performance...

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Choosing Best Medications As Per Your Need

In our bustling way of life and stationary conduct it is difficult to keep up sound weight and now a day accomplishing weight reduction is considerably more troublesome. In the event that you’ve attempted numerous eating regimen arrangements and they didn’t work for you for getting more fit, you might be correct the majority of the eating regimen arranges don’t work at any rate not for the long haul. In spite of the fact that, there are numerous little yet compelling approaches to avoid regular consuming less calories risk, you can have durable weight reduction accomplishment; furthermore add to a more solid association with nourishment.

Getting in shape isn’t a straight undertaking after some time...

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Ways To Be Healthier And More Active After 65

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you at any age. Don’t let getting older stop you from fitness goals–let it be a motivating factor! The more active you are, the healthier you will be mentally and physically. But what’s your best course of action? Do you need an expensive gym membership? Not necessarily. There are many cost-effective alternatives that can help you fight off chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes, and they are enjoyable as well. Exercising can prevent chronic pain too, so discover how being active just a few hours every week can help you as you age. Even if you haven’t done it for a long time, there’s a lot you can do for your body right now.

Put One Foot In Front Of The Other

Wherever you are, walking can be one of the most plea...

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