Low Fat Vegan Banana Nut Muffins / Cupcakes

banana nut muffins cup cake

                Lowfat Vegan Banana Nut Muffins  ~~~~~~

Welcome Spring!  Today [URL=http://collection-movies.com/?t=movies-download]movies-download[/URL] is the first day of spring and as the saying goes ~ Spring has finally sprung!  I am sooo ready for spring & all the beauty that it brings.  I just love seeing all the bulbs that are popping up in everybody yards/everywhere, just like little bouquets of buried treasures.  I forget from year to year where I have planted bulbs & it’s so nice to take my morning walk around the house to see what new, colorful blooms have joined the other flowers in the garden.  

We have been having record breaking warm weather here in the Midwest this past week & it has been perfect for having my morning cup of tea outside, on the front porch.  When Roy gets up he likes to have his tea outside, too…as well as a muffin, or two.   I’m actually kind of glad when I end up with some really ripe bananas, it gives me an excuse to make banana muffins.  Is there any better way to use REALLY ripe bananas?  Nope, don’t think so.  For us, muffins are the perfect portion control size & everybody gets an equal number of muffins.  Very important when they go so fast.  🙂 

This Vegan Banana Nut Muffin recipe from FatFree Vegan is almost fat free ~ VERY COOL ~ & since it’s vegan, it’s egg free, too.  If you don’t care if it’s vegan, just use milk instead of the soymilk.   J really loves these, he would eat them for breakfast, for lunch & after school, if he had the chance.  Sometimes I will ‘frost’ one of the muffins with Nutella & presto chango ~ he has a cupcake.  Pretty tricky! 

When I add Nutella to the top of one of the Banana Nut Muffins, it suddenly becomes a ‘Chocolate Frosting Cupcake’  ~ J can hardly contain himself!  If he only knew, it’s the same healthy muffin he had at breakfast, just dolled up.  Shh, it’s my little secret…  🙂
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Cardamom Spiced Mango Greek Yogurt

I love mangoes.  I love cardamom.  I love Greek yogurt.  Throw them all together in a food processor, until they’re smooth and creamy…and I’ve got a dreamy, Indian inspired/flavored breakfast treat.  A perfect way to start my day…or for a mid-day snack…or for a dessert.  Yeah, I like it that much!

I’ll use fresh mangoes, or frozen/thawed ones from Trader Joe’s ~ both taste great.  A little extra cardamom sprinkled on top, just ’cause I like it like that.  A lil’ dollop of whipped cream makes it dessert-worthy…or splurge-worthy at breakfast.  Yeah, I like it like that, too.  🙂

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Vegetarian Mock Smoky Chicken Salad Wrap ~ Meatless Monday


I’m having fun coming up with new ways to spin one of my favorite beans, the ever popular and versatile ~ chickpea. (aka ~ garbanzo beans)  I usually turn them into a tasty Mock Tuna Salad (see my recipe ~ here), but, I was getting bored with that sandwich flavor, so…

This time I decided to spin them into a Vegetarian Mock Smoky Chicken Salad.  Using toasted walnuts and a little liquid smoke really gives this vegetarian salad a ‘meaty’ flavor boost.  To me, the toasted walnuts, when paired with a hint of liquid smoke, really gives a bit of bacon-y flavor.  Oh, yeah!  The cranberries add a nice sweet/tart accent and the other veggies provide a nice, cool finish.  Layer it all in a low carb tortilla, wrap it up and you’ve got a super lunch for your Meatless Monday.  Enjoy!

Vegetarian Mock Smoky Chicken Salad Wrap
makes 1 sandwich wrap

1/2 cup chickpeas, drained & slightly smashed
2 Tbsp low fat mayo
2 Tbsp finely diced celery
1 1/2 Tbsps chopped walnuts, toasted
1/2 Tbsp dried cranberries
1/4 tsp dried crumbled sage
1/8 tsp Old Bay Seasoning
splash lime juice
few drops of liquid smoke, or to taste
dash smoked paprika
salt & pepper, to taste

1 low carb tortilla (or you favorite kind of tortilla)
ideas for veggies inside the wrap ~ crispy leaf lettuce, sliced ripe tomatoes, avocado slices, sliced cucumber, baby spinach, sliced onion, bell pepper rings or any other veggies that float your boat…

Mix first 11 ingredients (chickpeas thru salt/pepper) in a small bowl.  Scoop the mock chicken salad into a line down the middle of your tortilla, then layer the veggies of choice on top, fold your tortilla into a sandwich wrap and enjoy your Meatless Monday lunch!

If you prefer sandwiches to wraps, just layer the salad and veggies on your favorite bread or bun… or maybe, fill a large tomato with the salad for a ~ Mock Smoky Chicken Salad Stuffed Tomato.   It’s all good! 

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L-Men: Keeping Physical Fit and Slim

How shall you improve your physical appearance? healthy diet plan could be the ideal representation of proper weight. You need something reliable to help you maintaining the goal. It shall be good idea to get specific info regarding healthy diet program which promotes reliable weight achievement. Indeed, every individual has definite goal attainment. Surely, having ideal physical body is adored by anyone. As you wish to get idolized by many women, you have to begin your diet program today. And, you can start with getting the perfect supplement.

The desire of every man in improving the physical performance is becoming greater today. Obesity is the key to certain illnesses which cannot be anticipated previously. You shall find diabetes, stroke, kidney failure, and others are caused by overweight. Hence, as you get the diet, you shall live healthier. In fact, your diet program shall make you younger and fitter than your real age.

L-Men, the Best Diet Support

The way you improve your health can be started from physical exercise. You can go to the gym to practice different kinds of movements. Lifting shall shape certain parts of your body. At this point, the presence of a coach is significant. Possibly, you can consult to experienced trainer to get the best result on your personal situation. In addition, you shall be recommended to get the best supplement to supply energy for day-to-day performance. By the option, you could improve your physical performance.

You can find the following helpful in getting your physical fitness, among others:

  • It is highly recommended to have proportional eating like protein, carbs, and fats.
  • Regular exercise is required to burn unneeded fats and calories of the body.
  • Having regular and comfortable sleeping is essential.
  • It is necessary to get proper physical exercise based on your personal condition.

Healthy with L-Men on Your Life

Obesity can be experienced by any individuals without referring to genders. Men and women have tendencies to increase the body mass. During the maturity, individuals have greater tendency to consume more foods. This point should be controlled as you wish to stay healthy because obesity shall lead to undesired illnesses.

In short, l-men can be the real support on your diet. And, you shall have the best result on your targeted period. Proper diet combined with noteworthy supplement shall make your physical okay. The desired physical condition shall be reached effectively on diet program you are taking now on.

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Diabetes Symptoms: Early Detection of the Disease

What are you going to do with your life as you are diagnosed with certain disease? Diabetes symptoms can be felt differently by specific individuals. Yet, there are certain signs which show the occurrence of diabetes. For the most part, individuals with diabetes will frequently feel thirst and hunger. In the same line, diabetic patients shall feel sleepy by the morning. It is because glucose level shall reach the peak in the morning. Hence, it is highly recommended for individuals to have sufficient physical exercise in the morning to burn calories.

Basically, diabetes is known as a condition of higher glucose level in the blood. The inability of pancreas to produce sufficient insulin may trigger the increase of bloodstream glucose. At the point, Tropicana slim shall be efficient to consume. At least, you are given the opportunity to reduce piles of calories and fats. For sure, obesity is the seed of different types of illnesses. And, this can be prevented.

Diabetes Symptoms, Types and Cures

It might be significant to know different types of diabetes. You shall find diabetes type 1, type 2, gestational diabetes, and unspecified diabetes. Every point determines specific signs which may differentiate one to another. Hence, in general, individuals with diabetes may experience similar symptoms though these may not necessary true for all types of diabetes. To live in normal condition, every individual should be able to reduce the consumption of carbohydrate.

Despite diabetes type 1, all other types of the disease can be cured. At least, individuals shall live normal. One positive point of the cure is by taking insulin injected as a person is noticed to have higher glucose level. Certain medications shall reduce the level of blood glucose. As you know the diabetes symptoms, you shall be able to keep your life properly. With the concept, you would be able to stay relaxed with the disease.

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Make Sure That You Lose Weight and Gain Lean Muscle in an Effective Way

When your body is not perfect shape, you appearance changes completely and for you, it becomes difficult to create an impression, with others. Of course, reducing your overweight is not impossible and you need to find the best anabolic steroid. If you live in Canada, buying Anavar is easy and it is legal. If you come to learn about the laws about Anavar in Canada, you will be pleased to use the steroid, which is perfect for your accurate bodybuilding. Even very popular weight loss workouts may not give the most desired results, especially, for the sportspersons. In recent times, Canadian athletes have been regularly using anavar, because of its gentle approach and vigorous performance. Using anabolic steroid is a type of education and you need to educate yourself, before starting your first capsule.

Bodybuilding trainers take care of the legal steroid and they strictly instruct their students, so that they lose bodyweight perfectly, and at the same time, maintaining their lean muscle strength. Losing weight alone cannot help bodybuilders and they need to make their body in its natural shape. The Canadian men are familiar with anavar and they know how to use the capsules.

Some drugs are banned in some countries and in Canada; there are different ways in buying the softest steroid. Your liver function is not affected, white you use this steroid. Further, the anabolic steroid increases the metabolism of your body system and helps in maintaining your physique in great condition. In Canada, several groups are selling steroids in black market and the Canadians have to be careful in buying their capsules, since these people do not deal with original tabs.


Importance In Avoiding Cheap Products In Canada

In Canada, you may be offered cheap anavar steroids and you should realize that the Oxandrolone powder is very expensive and it is not practically for the sellers to offer cheap prices for the steroids. You should never play with your body developing tablets and capsules. Two problems are there in buying anavar illegally for lower prices and the first one is that you may not get the same results and the second one is that they create many deceases and body disorders. When you are allowed to buy anavar legally, why should you go for counterfeited products?

The Canadian bodybuilders know the laws about Anavar in Canada and they directly purchase from reputed online medical company. Of course, buying anavar online is easy, since the buyers of Canada can purchase, even from the United States. These days are very different and the medical industry has developed vigorously and effective products have been produced, exclusively, for strengthening body for the athletes.

Of course, it is not that only the sportspersons should use anavar and anybody, who wants to have the best appearance, can use the legalized tablets. Start today to improve your physical energy and strength and cut your fat, by using the most effective capsules and feel that you are safe in using your steroid, since you reside in Canada.

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Choosing Best Medications As Per Your Need

In our bustling way of life and stationary conduct it is difficult to keep up sound weight and now a day accomplishing weight reduction is considerably more troublesome. In the event that you’ve attempted numerous eating regimen arrangements and they didn’t work for you for getting more fit, you might be correct the majority of the eating regimen arranges don’t work at any rate not for the long haul. In spite of the fact that, there are numerous little yet compelling approaches to avoid regular consuming less calories risk, you can have durable weight reduction accomplishment; furthermore add to a more solid association with nourishment.

Getting in shape isn’t a straight undertaking after some time. When you lessen calories, you might lose a few pounds or so consistently for the initial couple of weeks. What’s more, when you change something in your eating routine diagram or you have the comparative number of calories following couple of weeks, so you don’t lose anything by any means. That is on the grounds that amid the beginning weeks you’re losing water took after by, incline tissue and fat. This diminishes your body’s metabolic rate and the body conforms itself in different ways. In this way, in the event that you need to keep getting thinner consistently, you’ll require to persistently cutting calories.

Though on a basic level a calorie is a calorie, our body will respond in an alternate approaches to various classifications of nourishment. So having high fructose beverages or corn syrup will differently affect your body framework. The way to nonstop weight reduction is to maintain a strategic distance from the nourishments that are loaded with calories. Fatty sustenance has fewer supplements and they likewise don’t make you feel full. Dietitians suggest substituting them with those nourishments that are stuffed with supplements and makes you feel filled, without being loaded with calories. Also, dependably shed pounds actually and healthily, and manageable way for the most part requires some investment. It needs persistence and duty too. Serious weight control plans might convey speedy results yet they abandon you feeling peevish and starving.

Finally, there are passionate sides of eating that crash any of your weight reduction arranges. A few among us don’t generally eat just to satisfy hunger. We additionally go to sustenance for extravagance or to diminish stress which can trip any weight reduction diligent work before they even start. You can get more fit by picking more brilliant courses as, tolerating solid way of life changes and in addition advancing new eating routes, through this you’ll decrease weight as well as have the capacity to look after it, you’ll additionally support your vitality and state of mind. A large portion of the general population put their part additional time in pushing upon the things which they precisely require. Be that as it may, all these way of life changes come about significantly yet the vast majority of the general population won’t have sufficient energy to take after this course. The accessibility of different medications additionally made all these issue to get under control. In addition, few among these likewise can decrease your sex drive if have been taken exorbitantly as they put more weight on your charisma. Consequently it is important to fare thee well dependably before taking any pharmaceuticals on worry over wellbeing related respects.

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Ways To Be Healthier And More Active After 65

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you at any age. Don’t let getting older stop you from fitness goals–let it be a motivating factor! The more active you are, the healthier you will be mentally and physically. But what’s your best course of action? Do you need an expensive gym membership? Not necessarily. There are many cost-effective alternatives that can help you fight off chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes, and they are enjoyable as well. Exercising can prevent chronic pain too, so discover how being active just a few hours every week can help you as you age. Even if you haven’t done it for a long time, there’s a lot you can do for your body right now.

Put One Foot In Front Of The Other

Wherever you are, walking can be one of the most pleasant and beneficial activities. Fresh air, a change of scenery and the opportunity to say hello to your neighbors is simply too good to pass up. Try leaving your car at home whenever you can, and walking to get whatever you need instead. Ask others to join in your fun. You’ll see different place on your route that you probably hadn’t noticed before. Organizing a walking group can mean great socializing and helping each other too. Take it up a notch with power walking when you feel you’ve advanced enough for even greater levels of fitness.

Water Works

Swimming is an exceptionally beneficial exercise at any age or fitness level. Check out swimming pools in your local area, such as at a health club or spa. Swimming is great no matter what condition you’re in and since there’s no impact, it’s easy on your skeletal system. You can enjoy the water even if you have a pre-existing condition such as backache or joint pain. Check with your doctor first for any serious questions, but he’ll probably tell you water can be very therapeutic!

Shall We Dance?

Maybe you thought dancing was a thing of the past for you, but it’s actually a really great physical activity for every age. There are countless styles to choose from, and you get the social benefits as well. Try a gentle slow dance or something a little quicker. Join a dance club in your community and enjoy making a big to-do of it.

Organized Exercise Routines

Don’t count yourself out of a 60 minute exercise class simply because you’re now over 60! There are plenty of suitable options that will help you reach your fitness goals with pleasure. You could try aerobics for stress relief, toning up with a Zumba lesson or any other of a number of organized fitness routines. You could even try your hand at Pilates or unwind with yoga. Look into what’s offered around you, and sign up!

Bike Your Way To Better Health

Riding a bicycle can be an easy and relaxing way to get your daily exercise, and it doesn’t have to be taken to any extremes to be effective. Find something that’s comfortable on your knees, back and for sitting, and start peddling your way to a stronger and healthier physique. You’ll save on gas and pollute less too, something everyone is looking to do more of these days. Go out and buy a bike if you have to. Get one for a great price by scouring local yard sales, so long as it’s going to be functional and comfortable, you’re all set!

Go Easy On Yourself

If you happen to be limited by any existing condition or chronic pain, you can still enjoy some form of beneficial exercising. “Provided your physician approves, consider stationary exercises you can conduct from a seated position” says Mike Taylor from HLA sequencing specialist Omixon. You could also consider hydrotherapy too, perhaps under the guidance of a therapist. You can improve things like strength and mobility with regular sessions, under the controlled circumstances your physical condition calls for. Get a fully customized plan together that helps you out without being too challenging or threatening in any way. Talk to your health care provider for your best advice, and discontinue your routine if it causes any problems.

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